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Reclaim Your Energy: Get relief from fatigue, weight gain, low libido, hot flashes, brain-fog, and much, much more.

Jump Start Fat Loss and Slow Down Aging: Learn to use mindfulness, movement, and food to boost your metabolism and lower stress.

Get Strong and Fit: Discover the secret behind doing less exercise to get more energy and fat loss, reduce stress and sleep well.

Find Love, Laughter, and Prosperity: Find out why menopause can be the best time to realize your dreams.

Rediscover Your Passion: A natural part of hormonal balance is getting your sexy sensual self back, with or without a partner.

3 Reasons I’m Passionate About Hosting The 3rd Annual Menopause Is A Trip Summit

1. We Are Busting The Myths & Breaking The Silence

Women tell me all the time, I need to be around people who understand what I am going through, so I don’t feel so crazy and alone on this journey.

On this summit you’ll hear straight talk about everything from memory lapses to muscle tone, romance to incontinence.

What you won’t hear is, B.S., or silence. Or worse yet, someone telling you to “Suck it up dear – it’s just a natural part of aging!”

2. To Help YOU Become The Master Of Your Health And Wellbeing

Wouldn’t it be great to understand what is happening in your body, so you can make choices that support and empower you?

Menopause is a natural transition! The experts on this summit are offering some of the best researched, cutting-edge holistic strategies that will help you to get results and find your natural balance.

Join us in learning the causes of hormonal imbalance and how to best prevent and reverse the symptoms that disrupt our lives..

3. Honor Menopause As A Time for Transformation and Personal Growth

I bet no one has told you that the years you spend going through all the stages of menopause are some of the most powerful of your life…?

Too many of us are missing the opportunity for personal growth and freedom because our energy is being consumed by the physical challenges we are experiencing.

It’s time to put YOU first! In this summit you will learn simple game-changing habits for practicing self care so you can truly begin to reap the benefits of this rich stage of life.

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Meet Our Speakers

I’ve gathered 21 of the best holistic, functional, and integrative, doctors, psychologists, health care providers and coaches to address your most pressing challenges as you go through menopause.

These experts have worked with thousands of women. They are on the cutting edge of natural approaches and strategies and know how to get you relief, safely and effectively, while improving every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Dr. Susanne Bennett

The Power of the Sun, Darkness and Toxic Fat

How to change your life by managing your biorhythms.

  • Mitochondria, what are they and how are they dictating your life?
  • Why getting enough sun, and darkness, is key to hormonal balance and ease in menopause.
  • Cool glasses and other nifty tools, tips, and strategies to get back into a natural flow.
Katana Abbott

Living with Purpose, Passion AND Prosperity at Midlife!

How to create a millionaire lifestyle without a million in the bank

  • The 5 money personalities and why you want to know yours
  • How adversity can help us to disempower the beliefs that sabotage your health wealth and happiness.
  • The 3 secrets to success
Dr. Jade Teta

Menopausal Metabolism – How To Work With It, Rather Than Against It

Learn why the typical approach of diet and exercise don’t work for women in peri through post menopause.

  • The 4 M’s approach to metabolism – #1 is mindfullness
  • The role of HGH – human growth hormone – in women’s health and anti-aging and how to get more of it.
  • How to keep your SCHMECK in check.
Dr. Keesha Ewers

Your Past is Affecting Your Immune System

Find out why 80% of all autoimmune diseases are diagnosed in women.

  •  ACE, the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, tells us that our childhood beliefs impact our adult health.
  • Learn to reframe self-limiting beliefs to reclaim your power and heal.
  • Why adversity is a workout for the soul, making you stronger and more resilient.
Sheri Winston

Secrets of Female Pleasure: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

Common challenges we face during menopause with libido, arousal & orgasms.

  • What is the Female Erectile Network, and why is is not in our anatomy books?
  • What you can do to become orgasmically proficient and why it’s important for hormonal balance.
  • What our partners need to know to keep us humming!
Katherine Woodward Thomas

Love After 50

Learn how you can move beyond disempowering patterns to create an unprecedented experience of happy and fulfilling love.

  • The 4 main types of baggage, blocks, and barriers to love.
  • Identify and challenge the core beliefs that have been covertly sabotaging your love life.
  • Discover the deeper truth of your own worthiness and power to love and be loved.
Dr. Anna Cabecca

What Women Aren’t Talking About, But Should Be!

You can prevent or reverse incontinence, prolapse, atrophy and more…

  • Why you shouldn’t wait till you have problems to pay attention to your pelvic health.
  • How a few simple exercises can save you from surgery.
  • The most important hormone for pelvic health.
Ian Clark

EASE Your Hormones!

Find out about the miracle mineral responsible for 330 plus biochemical processes in your body…

  • Why you need this mineral and the best ways to get it.
  • Known as the relaxation mineral, it helps prevent migraines and headaches, PMS, muscle cramps, constipation and more..
  • How supplementing with this one mineral will help you to sleep like a baby and lower your stress levels.
Susan Campbell – Chef Teton

Eating As A Spiritual Practice

It all starts with self care and stewardship of your body and the earth.

  • Addressing food beyond diet, dogma, and the latest fads.
  • Why alignment with your soul, the Earth and your plate are vitally important.
  • How to make decisions on your health from a new perspective of body consciousness.
Mache Seibel

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You, But Should

New research on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), it’s safety, uses, and who can benefit from it.

  • What are bioidentical hormones? Surprising risks everyone should know.
  • Tests that make bioidentical hormones safe, and the best places to get them.
  • The most beneficial time to take bioidentical hormones and how long they should be used.
Karyn Buxman

What’s So Funny About… Menopause?!

Menopause is no joke, but it may be a laughing matter…the science behind humor as a healing strategy.

  • Why humor is a #1 strategy for short term coping, and long term resilience.
  • How to use humor to improve your memory and your waistline.
  • What to do if you’re not funny…!!!
  • Laughter as a self care strategy.
Shirley Weir

From Moody Bitch to Menopause Chick

Become your own best health and wellness advocate!

  • How the marketing, medicalization and monetization of menopause has taken over what is otherwise a normal life transition.
  • Unlearning all the myths, misconceptions and media stereotypes.
  • Why it’s important to educate yourself and get informed so you can choose the journey that’s right for you!
Dr. Susan Sklar

Hormones and Your Brain: Mood, Cognition and Memory

3 steps you can take right now to ensure healthy brain function

  • Find out why your brain doesn’t work like it used to.
  • How can you tell if it’s Alzheimers, or just a “natural” part of aging?
  • How hormones can help you support brain health and prevent issues in old age.
Leisa Peterson

Menopause Mindset: You Are More Than Enough!

Chakra Healing for Creating Abundance in Your Life

  • Rebalance your chakras to create more abundance in your life.
  • Remove your money blocks and achieve greater levels of prosperity, freedom and peace.
  • Learn how to let go of past grief, trauma and shame rooted in your first two chakras.
Debra Atkinson

Moving Through Menopause: How to Feel Better and Get Fitter (by doing less, not more)

Why exercise from your 20s and 30s isn’t what works for your 50s and 60s…

  • Why the ‘exercise more, eat less’ approach rarely works.
  • How to structure your workout week to maximize fitness benefits and energy.
  • Why daily walks are an important part of your midlife fitness plan.
Dr. Maria Sophocles

Sex, Sleep, and Sanity

Compassionate approaches to health in midlife that take your individuality into account

  • 3 different approaches to sexual health
  • What to do first if sleep is an issue, and what to do as a last resort.
  • How to embrace experiences like anxiety and depression without shame, and the right approach to prescription meds
Loriana Hernandez-Aldama

Become your own HERO

ArmorUp! How to prepare for life’s challenges, including cancer

  • Why stress management is crucial for prevention and healing, and how it affects your immune system
  • How to take on time management to make time for yourself
  • Why you need to ask for help – the role of community in healing
Dr. Sandy Bevacqua

3 Secrets to Balancing Hormones Naturally

Using science and research to understand and implement natural approaches.

  • Find out why your hormones are out of balance in the first place.
  • Learn how hormone balancing helps you to avoid common diseases.
  • Alternatives to prescription meds and surgery.
Dr. Trevor Holly Cates

Your Skin in Menopause: The Spa Doctor tells all!

How hormonal changes impact skin during and after menopause, and what you can do about it.

  • What your skin, your “Magic Mirror” can tell you about your health.
  • Ingredients in skincare products can mess with your hormones, know which ones you should avoid.
  • Best and worst foods for beautiful skin, DIY beauty products and much much more….
Summer Bock

Rebuilding Your Gut Microbiome For Hormonal Health

Yes, you too have a microbiome – find out what it is and why it’s health is so central to yours.

  • How your microbiome affects mental and physical health and hormonal balance.
  • How you can tell if your gut is out of balance, and what you can do to heal and get it working better.
  • The best fermented foods you can eat for getting quality probiotics naturally.
Mary Campbell and Katherine Miller 

Menopause: Breaking the Silence, Busting the Myths, and Bringing in the Beauty

Reframe this powerful transition to create the life you love.

  • Silence: Why don’t we speak about menopause, and when we do, why is it mostly negative?
  • Myth: Culture and the media tell us menopause is a time of loss, is it true?
  • Beauty: learn to access new capacities for happiness, learning, and success.

No matter what stage of the journey you are on, you can still make this the best trip ever.
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“I loved the whole summit and learned a lot from it! I am 57 years old and really experiencing a lot of menopausal complaints. So, thanks again! ––Inge

I learned SO MUCH, and so  much of what I took away from this applies to me now, even though I don’t think I can even be considered peri-menopausal yet.”

“Gosh, I wish I had had this information many years ago. What a journey! — Carol Black

Speaker quote:

“This was one of my best, funnest and inspiring info packed talks and Katherine’s brought out the best in many of my friends and colleagues too.” — Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO


Katherine Miller

Welcome! I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Menopause Guide, and Master Plant-Rich Chef. I have spent many years studying and teaching yoga, meditation, and the art of plant-based cooking, as well as leadership for women, and I bring all of these skills to my work as a health coach.

The thing I like best about my work is seeing women become the masters of their health so they feel confident, strong, and at home in a body full of energy, grace, and pleasure.

I became interested in menopause at age 50. Fourteen years in a high stress job plus two years of scary peri-menopause had brought me to my knees, and I was faced with a complete meltdown. I had to apply my own best practices and learn many new ones to quit the stressful job, reboot my love relationship, and start a new career.

Along the way, I discovered my own ageism. Now my passion in life is to disprove the ignorant, limiting, and destructive ideas around women and aging, and empower us to be the uninhibited forces of nature we are.

I am the founder of and the Radiant KickAss Women’s Club, the author the 7-Day Map to Hormonal Happiness and two multimedia books – the 7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse, and the Extreme Radiance 10-Day Detox; and the director of the Menopause is a Trip Summit.

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